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Your house wash leader in, Springfield MO

I took this form the Cleaned by Pete what a power does blog. I reprinted here with several additions to help me show you what I use and how I use it to clean your house.  Just to name a few types of material it works on: vinyl, brick, stone, hard-wood, stucco, block, painted surfaces and other types of siding on your home. Also cleaning concrete drive-way and side-walks and landscaping stones and wall. I also can clean your deck, fences and other wooden items with the same custome built service truck. Click on the play arrows to see the short videos of Cleaned by Pete in action. 417.459.7869 So now we present:

How are you going to wash my house? House wash'n Wednesday

I had planed to post up the house wash from today for the blog but rain lighting and bad weather moving in meant; get the job done and now! Cleaned by Pete does not mind the rain but those bright flashes in the sky while standing on the ground wet with a metal pole in your hand waving it around is no fun. Can we say "You Light Up My Life".

So in answer to the question, "How are you going to wash my house?", I compiled this page it starts off showing you our small impact or footprint service S10 we are very proud of it and how it works we have everything on board to get your cleaning done right. Only we can use less gas, oil, water, cleaners / soaps, with less exhaust or carbon output. Running a low pressure washer we save water and time plus it does not use near as much gas as those large high pressure units. I have studied what was needed to clean and wash homes. Also I know what is not need to wash a house, with years of experience I built the most "eco friendly" service truck I could. You have seen those service trucks with huge high pressure washers large tanks of water dragging all the weight around with the larges 4 wheel drive truck on the market. Just ask why? Safe soft washing with low pressure is the industry standard for cleaning house and we have two washer on-board should we need more pressure for cleaning concrete.

For house washing I'll show up in this,
you notice there are no ladders, climbing gear, or other items that may put you, me or your home at risk. How in the world are you going to wash it? Safely, softly, and correctly from the ground,

Cleaned by Pete has different methods, attachments and techniques to clean your home. Depending on the need of your home you may see me doing this,

You may also see me applying cleaners one way or the other, in some cases we use both techniques or methods. Cleaned by Pete picks the best way to apply the soap and cleaners on your home, after all that is why you hired us,

or even this. This method of apply in special soap and cleaners on homes works to help keep it on and lets it work longer and better on your wooden deck and fences. We are saving water and runoff all while working our cleaners better. Cleaned by Pete deck foaming and cleaning.

You may see the wig wag broom doing this to clean your concrete, decks or other flat surfaces.
We may have to use more pressure and attachments called "surface cleaners" as below cleaning a small side-walk for a customer during a house wash.
Cleaned by Pete many need a less pressure unit to clean special items as wood or even this customers plastic floor in the garage area. This is a cleaning we did to remove the winter's salts and dirt for this floor.

We can also clean with other attachment when the need arises as this special nozzle to help blast the most stubborn stains away.

Cleaned by Pete had 9 different surface cleaners, special attachment and tools to help us clean your home. We are dedicated to you our customer and have invested in the best and most up-to-date equipment in order to achieve the best clean job offered.

 From the softest wash to the hard-hitting power of the high pressure washer Cleaned by Pete can clean your home. 
Cleaned by Pete serving the greater Springfield MO area, with power, pressure and soft washing.

Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO power, pressure and soft washing.
Before an afters call Cleaned by Pete at 417.459.7869 when you want the best there is only one call for all your power, pressure, and soft washing services, Springfield MO and the surrounding areas.

Cleaned by Pete house washing.

Cleaned by Pete concrete washing.

Cleaned by Pete mold, mildew, algae, moss removal, exterior cleaning and washing.

Cleaned by Pete graffiti removal we also do rust removal.

Cleaned by Pete deck cleaning.

Deck and fence cleaning, Cleaned by Pete.

Cosmetic cleaning  here you see three before pictures and the finished photo, Cleaned by Pete.

House washing and vinyl siding cleaning in the greater Springfield MO area, Cleaned by Pete your one stop for power, pressure and soft washing.
Multi storied home cleaned safely form the ground.

Cleaned by Pete does rust removal too.
Cleaned by Pete 
serving the greater Springfield Mo and surrounding areas
Cleaned by Pete is cleaning up Springfield one home at a time

On a side note, how do we clean your wooden deck or fence?

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