Sunday, February 23, 2014

Before ... After

Before ... After

All the picture of work pictured on the blog is done by Cleaned by Pete. Unlike some companies who picture "work done" by them, they can not tell you by whom or where their work was done. I have seen a local add for power washing only problem they're using work from the Dallas / Ft Worth area. I'm not say they didn't drive down and do it but. Know and support your local small business men and women here in the Ozarks if you are look for a safe soft washing on your home to a power washing on your patio or driveway, Cleaned by Pete would like to give you a free prompt estimate on your cleaning / washing needs in Springfield and the Southwest MO area.

Cleaned by Pete cleaning and washing a stone bungalow Pleasant Hope / Fair Grove area in Southwest MO.

Cleaned by Pete vinyl siding washing and cleaning in the Nixa / Ozark area of Southwest MO

Cleaned by Pete house washing a native "giraffe rock" home in Springfield MO

Cleaned by Pete cleaning and washing a "hardwood siding" near the Battlefield area of Southwest MO.

Cleaned by Pete power washing this stone home in Springfield MO
Stone house cleaning near Casville MO Cleaned by Pete serving the greater Springfield and Southwest MO area.

Cleaned by Pete also does wood cleaning this is a graffiti removal in the Springfield MO area.

Cleaned by Pete also does concrete cleaning this was a drive way cleaning near the Battlefield Mall here in Springfield MO.
Cleaned by Pete does "live dry steam cleaning" we are one of the only companies in the area that use dry steam to clean and disinfect. We also can provide wet steam and hot water cleaning and washing.
Cleaned by Pete would like to earn a chance to clean and wash for you. Please to call and discuss your cleaning needs with us, or call for your free prompt estimate:

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