Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cleaned by Pete, Cleans and Removes Graffiti Too

Sunday I received a call from a neighborhood that had been hit with graffiti several homes and a historic restored log cabin that is the center of the community all hit with black paint. How would you like to wake up to this on your home Sunday morning? I had to find some of the less vulgar and foul pictures and even block them out. Here are a few before and after photos that show some of our work. I can not even begin to post the size and foulness of some of the images. Some were the length of the home. It took some time and extra care on the log-cabin but the neighborhood thinks we pulled it off very well removed the graffiti and kept the cabin looking its' part as well as the storm cellar. This cabin was tricky cleaning just enough to get rid of the offensive graffiti but leaving enough of the age and personalty of the cabin still there. If anyone finds the images too offensive please to contact me and I will try to block out more, you should see what I can not post.

Cleaned by Pete graffiti removal serving the greater Springfield and Southwest MO area. If you have been hit call us for a free estimate at 417.459.7869

These urban artist are not to good at their renderings but they sure took up the entire wall. Graffiti removal done by Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.

Working on the old log-cabin took some extra time and work but the neighborhood said it was above and beyond what they expected. Graffiti removal, power washing, or "soft washing" Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.

Waking us on a Sunday morning and finding foul language and rude images on your home is not how to start a day. Cleaned by Pete can help call 417.459.7869 let's see what we can do for you.

Another shot of the log cabin before and after shots of Cleaned by Pete removing graffiti.

Tagging can also be removed Cleaned by Pete graffiti removal Springfield MO

They even hit the storm cellar Cleaned by Pete's graffiti removal service serving the greater Springfield and Southwest MO area, 417.459.7869.

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