Saturday, May 10, 2014

Funny What You Find on the Internet

Update 10.25.14
The story below has had an update. It is only fair to post this up date of what happened after this entry was put on the internet. Some of the pictures of the work that was done by Cleaned by Pete but claimed to be their work, were quietly removed from parts of their web pages. Even though one still appears in their header slide show. I guess they still have not done any work themselves well enough on their own to fill this slot. Still using another persons work touting it as their own! They removed all the links from the other pictures to their web pages also. leaving no reference to them, but the one of Cleaned by Pete's work on the patio, pool and outside kitchen is still being used in their header slide show. I still find it sad that other companies have to use other's work to promote what they can not do themselves. With this in mind I will still leave this entry up, still hoping others read it and understand that anyone can claim to have done anything. Take time to question and ask contractors about needed work please don't just assume they know what they are doing cause they have a photo of work that has been done it may not even be their work as in this case.

The original entry as posted

You can find just about anything on the internet, even if your not looking for it. Being one of the established and premier power / pressure washer here in the Springfield MO area, we are all about getting our name out when we can. Cleaned by Pete puts up or out pictures of his work. This very blog and its' sister blog you can find pictures and photos of the work that Cleaned by Pete has done. Our facebook page we regularly post picture and photos of our work. Youtube and any of our four web-sites contain pictures of our work. Cleaned by Pete wants to show you what we do and give you an idea of how we can help you with your cleaning needs. Pictures and photos are one of the best way we can convey this information.

Sometimes you can find a picture of your work but it has someone else's name on it. Pictures and inferences are open to interpretation on the web. They can implied they did it, even though they didn't come out and just say they did, some how this is OK with some other business owners. 

If you see work pictures and photos posted here and on any of our other media, it has been done by Cleaned by Pete unless stated. We don't have to barrow work photos from others. We did the work and have pictures of the job. It may seem that some still feel it is OK to let you think that since they have taken a picture and placed it on their web-site even though it is not their work and has been preformed by some other company, it's still OK. They really never said they did the work, they are just using the photo of the work preformed.

 Outdoor kitchen cleaning service Springfield MO

Outdoor entertaining areas, BBQ's and outside kitchen areas, Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO. This is one of our regular customers entertaining ares we clean and maintain for them. If we can help you with your outside kitchens, entertaining areas, patios or pool deck cleaning; call us at 417.459.7869

**This photo was found on an internet look up. It is of work preformed by Cleaned by Pete though the photo was not taken by Cleaned by Pete.

Cleaned by Pete cleaning the out side entertain area and kitchen also cleaning the pool deck and walk-ways.

A Cleaned by Pete photo cleaning the out-door kitchen and area around the pool.

Pool deck and furniture washed and cleaned ready for a new season a Cleaned by Pete photo.

Patio and pool deck cleaning, maintaining and cleaning those out-side: kitchen, BBQ, entertainment, and patio areas, a Cleaned by Pete photo.
The four photos above were taken on the job by Cleaned by Pete You can still see our hi-pressure hoses, spray gun and lance in the photos. Our maintenance package can also include gathering and vacuuming all your cushions cleaning the tables and chairs we can even add a disinfectant to the wash mix. Using a dry industrial steam cleaner to clean and maintain your built-in BBQ. Dry steam is use in hospitals and in food service areas and we can bring it to your home. You can not power wash a "new modern" BBQ with lights, temp sensors, electronic ignitions, and digital read-outs dry steam is the only way to go. We'll stack and vac the cushions and wash down everything when dry we or you as the home owner has the option of putting them back out when needed. Cleaned by Pete works with each home owner to meet the needs that they want or wish. Spring time clean up we will wash and vacuum that green and yellow pollen away. We also remove ash form your fire pits, fire places and wood fired BBQ if needed. Let us build a custom package for you.

Cleaned by Pete
serving the greater Springfield MO area
power, pressure and soft washing

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