Friday, May 2, 2014

Look for our new "small footprint" service truck.

Look for our new service truck, it's our part of being "environmentally friendly"

That's right Cleaned by Pete has a new service truck hitting the road. To be honest is is really a small pick-up modified to fit our needs to serve our customers better. Environmental concerns these days lead us on a path to see what we could do as a small company. Gas and oil are on the rise and you are hearing more about your carbon footprint. In order to help I have chosen a small pick-up with a 5 speed manual transmission and a four cylinder motor to use. It is a S10 pick-up made by Chevy, it averages around 22 mile to the gallon. With this we will be putting out less exhaust gasses and saving on the consumption of gas and oil. 
Cleaned by Pete building and designing his new small footprint power washing rig. We as a company decided to see what we could do as a company to be the most "environmentally friendly" power washers in the area.

In trying to be the most "environmentally friendly" power washers in the area Cleaned by Pete is investing and building the smallest workable rig with the best equipment to serve our customers better.

We also went in search of the best pressure washer to meet our house washing needs. A bigger pump with more psi is good at times but when house washing it is not needed as much. To have the power we needed and the gallons of water need to clean your home we went with a 2500 psi @ 5 gpm pump not having to put out anything higher we can use a 13 hp engine instead of the bigger two cylinder engines need to run large washers, but still do the same job.
We chose a small reserve tank and a Mi-T-M belt driven single cylinder 2500 psi @ 5 gpm washer to be the main power washer on the small footprint rig. Why do you need more? This unit has more usable power to use for residential cleaning it is all we need. Cleaned by Pete still has room to bring along several of the other washers when the job requires it.

One funny thing about power washers is that the more gallons per minute you use the faster you can clean. The stream of water will make cleaning much faster so with 5 gallon per minute we clean much faster then our older 4 gallon system. This saves water resources. Cleaned by Pete is reducing their carbon footprint as well as saving water. I feel it is a win win.
The Cleaned by Pete small footprint environmentally friendly service truck on its' first outing. We are working toward be the most environmentally friendly power washer in the area. Investing in new equipment and new way of doing things to be the best choice for your pressure washing needs.

Investing in our new "small footprint pressure washer" and "small footprint pressure washing pick-up" will help do our part to be environmentally friendly. Each doing their small part to help will pay big dividends in the future. 
Cleaned by Pete's is working on his "carbon footprint" making a few more additions and getting things "squared away" on the flat-bed making it more workable to meet the needs of our customers. If you want a company concerned about what we're doing with the environment Cleaned by Pete hopes you will give us a call 417-459-7869.

Think of those large trailers being pulled with the large 4 wheel drive trucks, think of the gas consumption the water usage with the bigger "high pressure" washers. I'll stop at that last statement I'm not here to point out what others do and how they operate, but to promote what Cleaned by Pete is doing to help.  I hope you will join us in helping to conserve our natural resources by considering using Cleaned by Pete for your power and soft washing needs.
Now that you know what to look for we hope you see our new pick-up, and give us a call for your pressure, power, and soft washing needs in the greater Springfield MO area. Cleaning up Springfield one home at a time. Cleaned by Pete where smaller does not mean less, it says we invested and committed our company to do our part to help out Mother Nature and this world.

Our new service small footprint washing pick-up shows the commitment and investment we have to help the environment and save natural resources. Now please keep an eye out for Cleaned by Pete's newest service truck we are proud of what we have done.

Cleaned by Pete
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