Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Foaming Cleaner Applicator a House Washing Wednesday Special

Our Special foam Cleaner Applicator

We want everyone to know how we are applying cleaners and soaps to your home, deck or concrete. We don't want to keep it a secret from others, it is special sure but you need to know what we are doing. Cleaned by Pete has been using foam for years now. What is special about foam well it goes on faster, more even, foam expands, you can see where and what has been covered, you get a more concentrated application of cleaner on the surface, we use less water and cleaners, the foam clings or stays on longer thus working longer, it also will cover larger areas in a single spray, it is just a better way of doing things. Here are some pictures of Cleaned by Pete's foaming cleaner in action. Doing things differently for a reason, we want to have the best clean we can get.

Foam cleaner being applied via our  modified pressure washer through a foaming cannon. Watch the video and you can see the dirt and grime almost instantly being lifted and drawn from the deck. The dirt and grime are showing up as the brown and yellowish discolorations in the foam.

Foaming under a deck where most cleaners would just run off.

Foaming on top of a deck and stairs.

On a house foaming works covers the area faster. If you see Cleaned by Pete using a foamer you can see how well it works. It is a bit greener and a bit more friendly to our enviroement for all the above reason. Cleaned by Pete is always trying to do what he can for a better world.

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