Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter is still here but..

Yes, winter is still here but it is never to early to think about having your home washed as part of your spring cleaning. Cleaned by Pete knows with the countries financial future uncertainties it is hard to think about cleaning a home or business but maintaining your home and business looks are a good thing. Your home remains healthier with the algae, mildew and mold removed. Algae is not a "rooted" plant which means it needs to feed off of some thing, it is feeding off of your homes surface. While it will not visibly eat your siding it does shorten the over all life of siding or paint. Your neighbors will be jealous of the clean new looking house on the block. Your business looks more inviting. Our area has been hit hard loosing a major restaurant chain and the closing down of one location of a major doughnut chain. Cut backs at some of the bigger industrial employers means less cash-flow in this area. We are a local business and understand. You can still call us at 417-459-7869 for a free prompt estimate with no high pressure techniques or annoying call backs over the phone. We will quote you a price and you can take your time to decide when you would like to have your home or business cleaned. We would like to be your local contract cleaning professional in the South-west and greater Springfield MO area. You may visit us on You Tube or at our web pages. To see what Cleaned by Pete can do for you. Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

House washing Wednesday in Springfield MO

 This is Clean by Pete's first service truck it has a heated Landa skid with a 18 horsepower motor running a 110 volt generator and a pump putting out up to 3500 pounds per square inch pushing 4.5 gallons a minute. Carrying on board all tools and hose to reach and clean you home or business. We also work off the 7 ft high walk-way above the truck great for awnings in front of your store.

"House Washing Wednesday" has arrived once again and Cleaned by Pete decided to post up some pictures of the rigs we work from. Having the right tools for the right job is what we take great pride in. The first thing you may notice is Cleaned by Pete does not pull the big trailer with those big water tanks any more. We have been operating out of two pick-ups and a 2 small trailers since we broke down the big trailer. Having not to pull the large trailer and water tanks around has shown a great savings in our operating cost, which we are passing on to our customers charging you a little less. We still have all the cleaning power we need and the tools do do the job, only we use your water tap to supply our machines. Here are some pictures of our rigs at the job sights. Contact us at 417-459-7869 or at our web sight for a free prompt estimate.

We call this one "Little Red" we have evertyhing here to make sure your home is cleaned, this cleaning is in Branson MO.

Little Red ready to work we are carrying 300 ft of supply line and over 400 ft of high pressure hose wands and pole from 16 inches to 28 ft. There are two washers on board one cold water 4 gpm @ 4000 psi and one hot water washer with the same power both on wheels for easy placement on your site.

At another house cleaning carrying all tools need even have a back-up hot water washer washer on board if needed. Since we come out and give you a free estimate we know just what to bring.

This is our first service truck it has a hot water Landa pressure mounted in the bed of the pickup and a work area on top of the truck where we can get up higher to work off of. Cleaned by Pete does not like to put anything on your house but cleaner we try not to use ladders for safety.

Portable hot water unit on wheels so we can push it a round. 4 gallons a minute at up to 4000 pounds per square inch, can be heated to 190 degrees, powered by a 15 hp gas engine We feel we can get a better clean and give you better service, save time and water this way.

Washing a home on the lake near Shell Knob MO

Little Red in this picture this home was so large we had both rigs and trailers on site.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Local Contractor or Re-badged Contractor

Are you working with a local company? Remember the local contractor lives, hires, works and spends money right here in the area. Whether it is here in Springfield MO or in Amarillo TX your local cosmetic cleaner is where to look first. He most likely is just a small business man or woman looking to do a good job at a fair price. They are looking to get their name out to the public on a limited budget just like most small business, I know Cleaned by Pete is.
Can Google put a pin in the company your looking at? See if they're local. Franchises are moving in and offer the local entrepreneur a complete turnkey business at least they're local but what about experience in the field. Checking out and talking to a local contractor is what you need to do it is your house you are in controlling check us out.  

House washing is a business like any thing else and money is to be made, as with any other business we can stay local keep money here and supporting our area and neighbors. The other choice is to call that re-badged company on the internet, you know the ones that have the newest look on the web that draws in the public. They say we are local and post pictures of international airports being cleaned or a picture of them cleaning a big hotel in LasVegas. They show a home office of a big industrial plaza with all new trucks and a name "photo shopped" on the building. They have the best internet tools to purchase the top spot on the search engines.
Cleaned by Pete house cleaning  in Springfield MO.

You send information over the computer about your home and they can tell you how much it will cost, with out even looking at it. Cleaned by Pete has done bids over the phone before. I don't like too I would rather meet you face to face or at least look at what needs to be cleaned. Where are these companies based out of? Where does your money go? Who comes in and does the job? Why does the contractor not use their own name if their local? Most small business can not afford to place these highly visible adds on the web who puts them up? How come there is a list of cities served that have the same name?  Are they local? Most of these companies will say several times in the add: "not a franchise", "we are a local service providing agent", or "we have a locations in your town".  Knowing your local pressure / power washing company may not seem important now what happens when this #1 ranked .net company needs to be contacted? Cleaned by Pete is local you can call us, we answer the phone the best we can we may be working but we'll call you back first chance we get. We give you that free prompt estimate too! only in person, not over a computer. We live here we're neighbors, supporting local business spending and earning money here in South-west MO.

Do you really want to trust your home, your largest investment, to someone giving you a quote over the internet then sending hard earned money to who knows where. All because they are the first and highest ranked ".net" in the listings. Using the internet is one of the best tool a consumer and a service provider has. Let us not forget to make sure you look for the real local contracting cleaner. Your neighbor  the small businessman or woman keeping money here and supporting the area we live in. Cleaned by Pete has a web-sight please visit us there, we are only a .com but you can see what we do and may be able to help you with your cleaning needs

We also have a blog for customers and prospective customers who want to know more about this cleaning industry feel free to read it thanks for your support, We would like to be your professional contract cleaner here in South-west and the greater Springfield MO area.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Graffiti removal

While graffiti removal is more of a service that we generally  preformed on buildings and walls around Springfield. The graffitist or the"urban artist" canvas can be your home of fence. We have put a small video together for prospective customers to see what we can do. We have several different ways and options to remove this unwanted art, tagging or graffiti. Call us if you have been tagged, hit, bombed, or have some unwanted urban art on your property you wish to be gone. All our graffiti cleaning chemicals are environmental safe call for a free prompt estimate Cleaned by Pete 417-459-7869.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

Wednesday has roll around once again and it's time for "House Washing Wednesday". Pictures of homes washed or exterior cleaned in the South-west and greater Springfield MO area.

Before and after external house cleaning in Springfield MO

Vinyl siding cleaning Springfield MO

Algae, mold and mildew removal Springfield MO

Washing you home adds cash value if your are selling.

Before and after this looks like most of the homes in the area Cleaned by Pete can help with your cleaning projects.

Cleaned by Pete
Call for free prompt estimates 417-459-7869 or visit for more information on the service we offer. Thank you for your support.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

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Cleaned By Pete: house washing Springfield MO

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Blasting your home with a high pressure washer? Not a good idea.
Washing your home with a soap bucket & a brush? Way too much work.
Leaving that mold, mildew, algae or mosses alone? Unhealthy.

Cleaned by Pete is your answer. We wash homes!
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