Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter's Icey Grip Still has Us

Winter's Icey Hands Still Gripping Us Here In the Ozarks

It hard to think about a house washing when we're still suffering through the winter. The average temperature for this time of year is 52 degrees, yet we are still hovering around the freezing point. Low temperatures do not let our cleaners and soap work and makes water pressure cleaning impossible. We still do estimates which are free and prompt just call Pete for you needs at 417-459-7869. Cleaned by Pete is a full-service water pressure cleaning company that can get your job done right. Visit us at our other sites on the web by clicking on the links at the side of this page and "like" us on facebook,

Photo of the Ozarks, hard to work in this type of weather.

Lets hope that this is Winter's last visit and soon Spring will be here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

House Washing Wednesday: How About a Barn?

House Washing Wednesday
How about a barn

Horse stable cleaning Southwest Mo.
Stable after cleaning see more pictures at our web site.
View the before pictures at our Cleaned by Pete web site.
Before and after barn cleaning just out side Springfield MO.
Hay barn cleaning Hall Town MO.
Cleaning hay and equipment barn Cassville MO.
Cleaning a horse barn for refinishing Southwest MO.
Cleaning a metal barn and shop in Fair Grove MO.
Yes! Cleaned by Pete washes barns, garages, and other out-buildings. Here are a few pictures of some of the out-buildings Pete has done a few on them inside and outside call 417-459-7869 for any questions or a free prompt estimate.   Cleaned by Pete is your choice for power washing in the Southwest and greater Springfield MO area.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pete's Port-A-Wash Springfield MO

Pete's Port-A-Wash, Springfield MO your portable cleaning pro's in and around the Southwest MO area. NO job too small, no job to large or no job is too odd, if you have a spicket or water supply we come to you and clean and wash your needs. Call us for a free prompt estimate at 417-459-7869.

Visit us at Cleaned by Pete or Power Washing Springfield MO.

"Pete's Port-A-Wash wants to help out all you DIY's, (do it yourselfers), out there if you plan on staining your deck let us wash it first getting it ready for you. Plan on repainting the out side table and chairs call us we can get them ready for you and probably save you time and money. You painted the house but the concrete or fence looks dull now we can wash it for you then reseal or stain it. Don't rent or buy a power washer that will sit in your way for years or have to run pick it up and return it, then doing the work yourself, call us first. Calling us will result in a professional cleaning and will save you time and money with your DIY job. You will achieve better results when you work with Pete's Port-A-Wash, let us do the dirty work and you can then finish it. What ever you may need cleaned form a classic car motor, old camper, drive-way, playhouse to a lawn mower call us first at 417-459-7869 and see if we can help.

 Blog has been "up-dated" to a removed cartoon that appeared on this entry. It had been sent to me from another power washing contractor, but turned out the image was owned by someone else. Public apology to the artist for using it. We did not copy it from his web site or picture files. Again it has been removed and we are sorry for using it. We try to use only public images or free clip art when we picture items here on our blog if we use an item or picture that you own and wish us to remove it please contanct us and we will do so.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

House Washing Wednesday

Cleaned by Pete: house washing for the Southwest and greater Springfield MO area.

We post pictures of home we wash in the greater Springfield MO area each Wednesday. Today's home is:

Insert picture of your home here!

With a simple call to 417-459-7869 for a free prompt estimate

Cleaned by Pete can take your home from dull to dazzling with a house wash.

Using the latest safe methods for cleaning and environmentally safe cleaners. 

"Many Thanks for a job very welldone! The day after Pete cleaned my house he drove past on an errand, saw something that didn't meet his standards, I didn't notice it, but returned and did that part over again! Pride in your work is something one doesn't see very often. Alive and well at Pete's. Thanks again!"
 "Yes! I called you ... I should have told you how awesome of a job you did - you did!"
  "totally awesome!" 
visit us at out other blog, (Cleaned by Pete: what a power washer does) or either of our web sites (Power Washing Springfield MO or Cleaned by Pete) or additional information or services we offer.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Follow us as we wash the vinyl siding on this home

Pete made a new video in stead of just before and after pictures he put the process together and made a short video. You can see through these pictures what we see while cleaning a house. From the first walk around to the finished results with very happy home owners. This house was quite dirty and did take two and even three soapings and washing to come clean. When Pete started it was 35 degrees and it made it up to 43 to 44 that day so cleaners were not working at top performance. Look for more videos from Cleaned by Pete on You Tube.

If you would like us to come out for a free prompt estimate call us at 417-459-7869 and be sure to visit our web sites: Cleaned by Pete or Power Washing Springfield MO.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Waring! do not remove this tag under penalty of law

"Warning do not remove this tag under penalty of law"

Wait wrong tag, the tags Cleaned by Pete removes are the ones you want to be gone. Pete was out doing some bids on concrete cleaning today, which happened to take him two stores down form the brick office where he had removed the tagging earlier this week. It was only around 34 degrees that day and was getting ready to snow. He wanted to check and make sure the chemicals were all rinsed out of the brick. There was still a bit of white chalking on the bricks form the cleaners so he naturalized it again. Cleaned by Pete wishes they could have gotten out all the color but it was good red paint, a nice heavy coat too, on light colored brick, and temperatures were low it is 36 degrees today. Here are the pictures of the tag removal project. This is what you can expect when it is cold the warmer weather will yield better results. Visit us at face book, Cleaned by Pete or Power Washing Springfield MO for more information.

Working on removing a graffiti Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

Working on removing a graffiti Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO
Working on removing a graffiti Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

Still just a bit of chemical chalking neutralizing it one last time.  Working on removing a graffiti Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

Working on removing a graffiti Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO. This is a final photo, there is some slight red shadowing but it is not too noticeable now.
 Cleaned by Pete want to thank all our clients for their support.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Signs I Like

I like writing just about washing houses or power washing but it does not pull in a bunch of new viewers. So from time to time I just may go off topic, today is one of these days. Here are some signs that I like hope they you a smile or even a chuckle. Have a good day and Happy Valentines Day, FYI Valentines Day is participated by mostly by younger children, married couples and adults in committed relationship. Non committed adults and singles do not participate in this event. It took our government no telling how many man hours and at what cost to come up with this amazing fact. They could pay me $10.00 and a dinner and I could have told them: "non committed adults and singles do not participate because they have no one in their lives to sent or give a Valentine Day card or gift too, Duh!!!".

Cleaned by Pete

Thanks for the support and viewing our blog have a good day and if you have a washing or cleaning project call 417-459-7869 for a free prompt estimate.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

It's time for "House Washing Wednesday" here is a job we finished not to long ago. Pete is trying to take better pictures of the whole process instead of just starting and finishing photos. If you need a house or business washed call Cleaned by Pete at 417-459-7869 for a free prompt estimate visit our web sights Cleaned by Pete mobile contract cleaning or Power Washing Springfield MO. We treat you home or business with respect and carefully clean and wash it treating it just it was our own. No "splash and dash" we clean and wash your home. This is the process we use on this home and it has served us well, word of mouth is the best advertising there is most of our new clients come to us on referrals.

This is a vinyl sided home but the process works on all types of homes with some minor differences: what machine, tools or attachments we use, how dirty and what is growing on your home makes a difference on what we do and use. Call us for an prompt free estimate and an idea of how we would best clean your home or business.

First thing we start to spray on the cleaner, using different tips and methods we get the soap and cleaners onto your home, Cleaned by Pete house washing Springfield MO.
You can start to see the effect of the chemical and cleaners the algae is starting to bloom out. notice the green showing up. Cleaned by Pete house cleaning in Springfield MO
We spray down a section at a time and let the cleaners start to dwell and do their job, Cleaned by Pete in Springfield MO, uses safe environmentally friendly cleaners to wash homes and business.
Cleaners applied by low-pressure starting to work, Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.
Some of the cleaners are oxygenated and start to bubble and work moments after applying. Other cleaners help in breaking the surface tension to release the dirt. Some are used trick what is growing on your home, while others help kill what is growing on your home. The soap and cleaner business is a huge industry and we benefit from their discoveries and products. House washing has become more and more a science today. Cleaned by Pete washing a home in Springfield MO.
You can see years worth of dirt being worked off but now the washing starts, some homes may need to have the cleaners applied a second time to get a better kill rate on the algae and molds as well as the dirt and grime ready to be washed off
Cleaned by Pete starts to wash each run or clap board one at a time trying to work down top to bottom. Some may just rinse at this point we wash you home not just spray and rinse. Washing form top to bottom you can see the results on the siding to the foundation.
Cleaned by Pete based in Springfield Mo house washing. This photo show what a difference we can make in the appearance of your home, not to speak of the health value.
Cleaned by Pete want wants you to know your home can look like this.
Cleaned and washed now you can entertain on that front stoop. To make the neighbors jealous of the new looking house on the block, give Cleaned by Pete a call 417-459-7869.
A clean home or business is more inviting and says welcome if you would like to see your home looking more like this Cleaned by Pete can help visit our facebook page and web sites.
This was the side of the home that had the algae on it we trick it into blooming and it is then killed with the help from bleach. Yes we have to use bleach, the same bleach you use in cleaning and disinfecting, in your kitchen, killing bacteria, in your washer to get your clothing clean. We use bleach that is up to 6% it is safe and used in the proper amount helps aid in the killing of the algae. We do not use any thing harsher than what you can buy at the store on your home it takes a bit more work But that is what you are paying us for and it won't harm your home's siding. Bleach is only one part of the killing and cleaning process. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tagging Graffiti Removal Springfield MO

Doing a small part of a "tag" showed the owners what  Cleaned by Pete could do for them, removing graffiti and tagging in Springfield MO.
We don't just wash houses, it is our main field but the we also do other jobs too. We were called out to do some tagging removal today. Here are a few pictures of what we did. Thank you for visiting our blogs and hope they help you. Remember Call Cleaned by Pete for any questions you may have concerning power / pressure washing in the greater Springfield MO area.

Before and a photo of Cleaned by Pete working on the tag, graffiti removal in Springfield MO.
Graffiti, tagging removal from brick office front Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.

Same tagger but retagging a sign this tag has 3 tags and 4 different colors and types of paint, Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO graffiti tagging removal.

4 different tags on this side; tagging with your tag over someone’s tag is the main idea of this game. Before and after Graffiti removal Cleaned by Pete in Springfield MO. Hopefully with removing the tag other taggers won't be looking to tag-over so it remains clean. There is still some slight shadowing, we can not get it all every time.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's in a title? or best fit for what we're doing.

Well what are we? I find it hard to keep up with what we are this year, apposed to last year or the year before. Most of us do the same thing to some extent or the other, we wash or clean objects with some form of water pressure. Now weather it is low pressure or high-pressure, it is still pressure of some sort. These days we all try to find a nitch or some-thing that will set us a part in the industry. This is where the question of what we're called comes in; pressure washer, power washer, mobile contract cleaner, soft washing, high pressure washing, wood restoration, house washing, water pressure washing, cosmetic cleaner, mobile washing contractor, along with other titles that have been bandied about over the years. They come up with new categories for us to advertise in each year and they keep changing too. This all make a difference where we will place and what key words to use now or in the future.

We all want to be found on the internet. I'm not the best with understanding the search engines or I might be working in that field instead of washing. With the big push for fresh content and wording to gain a higher foot hold we have to come up with new names for what we do. Here at Cleaned by Pete do well locally ranked and that is really all we need to keep going and growing we are small and do not travel great distances for jobs. We do however fall into several fields of the industry. So when someone is looking for a local washing contractor we need to be noticed or ranked high in as many categories as possible. We're behind when looking under "pressure washing". I really never felt that this name was the best for what our company does and never used it much in titles and names, this is why we lag behind in the look-ups and why we're displayed lower on the page. Most people won't go past the first page and some never reach below half way before calling. To help get noticed I made a new video and posted it on YouTube. Titling it with the name that fits the area we need to get ranked higher in. With more views we will become a bit stronger on the search engines. I am posting it here and at our other blog for viewing, let us know what you think and thanks in advance for the views and your support of these blogs. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

Time for some "headlines" oh wait wrong show.... time for some "House Washing Wednesday" pictures. This is our weekly feature showcasing homes, Cleaned by Pete, has washed, for a free prompt estimate call 417-459-7869. Cleaned by Pete is "cleaning up Springfield MO one house at a time". We still laugh about this one when we looked at it and bid it the owner as well as us thought the house was light gray in color look at the pictures.

House before Cleaned by Pete began to clean.

Cleaning reviled a big surprised the house was not light gray., Cleaned by Pete found this color.

Before cleaning Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO

In this picture you can see what a difference Cleaned by Pete makes in the appearance of your home.

If you are putting a house on the market for sale think how much more curb appeal and what you could add to the price when the property looks this good, Cleaned by Pete can help.

Vinyl siding cleaning / washing performed by Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Odd Jobs

While we do mostly house washing and concrete cleaning / washing at Cleaned by Pete, we'll take on smaller jobs and other forms of power washing too. When we first started our catch line was "no job to small", this still holds true today. Cleaned by Pete will give you a free prompt estimate on any sized or type of job no matter how small or unusual it may be. We will be posting a odd job from time to time just to let you see that there may something you need cleaned and have not thought about it. Thank you for your interest in our blogs; this one and our sister blog What a Power Washer Does, leave us a comment on how we might improve. Look for us on yelp or Qzarks Frist .Biz. We are a local small business, working and living in the Springfield MO

We were out on a call when a gentleman saw us and asked if we could wash the underside of his mower. It had sat and the grass and clippings had dried in the mower belly he was trying to chip it out so the blades would turn.

He had it raised up and we went in and under washing the grass and clipping out, let is set for a couple of minuets and hit it one last time, cleaning it up for the season.
 call us and let's see what we can do for you. Cleaned by Pete 417-459-7869

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cleaned by Pete wants to be your ........... bus washer?

While Cleaned by Pete cleans and washes houses we take on other jobs too. If your concrete needs cleaning your drive-way is dingy we can take care of that. Today we were called by one of our customers who runs a charter bus company to clean the buses for another gig tonight. Today we washed buses. Cleaned by Pete wants to be your professional contract cleaner, for your home business or bus call us at 417-459-7869 for your cleaning needs.
Before cleaning winter roads left this bus look a bit under the weather.
Before               After  
Before              After 
Ready to clean the last one.
Finished cleaning and ready for a party tonight
Buses ready and cleaned.
One last shot of the finished job.
 Cleaned by Pete wants to be your .................. bus washer, power washer or ????? call us and we can find out.