Thursday, January 10, 2013

Technical Thursday

Here is what we do at Cleaned by Pete visit our web sight for more information and how to contact us. This video shows us cleaning different surfaces as rock, block, vinyl, wood, painted, brick or native stone we'll clean them all. But they all take different cleaners and methods of washing you can be assured we know what is best and how help you with your cleaning needs. Whether your project is your home or cleaning patio furniture we know the best method, cleaners or machine to use.  What ever you wish to call us: mobile contract cleaners, pressure washers, power washers, soft washing contractor, water pressure cleaners, cosmetic cleaners, external cleaning experts, house washing contractor or by any other name, one thing is sure we are here to help you with your cleaning needs. From from fences to dumpster areas, rock to wood, hot or cold, homes or businesses we have the right tools, equipment and knowledge backed by years of experience to get the job done right give us a call 417-459-7869 to discuss your cleaning needs in the South-west and greater Springfield MO area.

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