Wednesday, January 16, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

Wednesday has arrived and that means its "House Washing Wednesday" so here are some pictures of work done by Cleaned by Pete. Instead of showing the finished home thought we would show some picture of the cleaning going on. You can see the dirty area and the area we are cleaning.

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Lot of the home in South-west MO look like this we have the right conditions that make this a problem call us we can help 417-459-7869

Vinyl siding cleaning Springfield MO.

Vinyl siding being cleaned in Springfield MO.

Steel siding cleaning Springfield MO

Steel siding takes a bit more skill not to stripe oxidized paint or peel off paint Cleaned by Pete has the knowledge and skill to do your home.

Wood lap siding cleaning Springfield MO.

Native stone siding cleaning Springfield MO.
Wooden siding cleaning Springfield MO

Mold, algae, and mildew removal Springfield MO.

You would really not know what color was under there unless it was cleaned.

Algae and green mold growing on your home call Cleaned by Pete and we'll be over with a free prompt estimate 417-459-7869

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