Wednesday, January 9, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

This is our newest blog we will be still working on our sister blog "Cleaned by Pete: what a power washer does" which is set up to help our retail prospective customers. This will be mostly for what is going on in my washing and cleaning world. Each Wednesday we'll post up pictures of house we have cleaned in the Springfield and Southwest MO area.

This is our new 60 second add

A big church home for girls we did was had a lot of algae and some mold with a lot of dirt on it.

The  same house close up show how dirty the home really was.

Before and after of the same home you can see the black algae is now gone. 

Before and after of vinyl siding cleaning here in Springfield MO

Rock and vinyl siding we clean both and have no trouble power washing one and soft-wash on the other half.

Cleaning this home to be put on the market.

Vinyl siding cleaning this is what we do call us for a free estimate 417-459-7869
We are Cleaned by Pete a company that does "cosmetic cleaning" this is the newest term that is being used in the industry today we will have to see if it will surpass the older terms: pressure washing, power washing, water pressure cleaning, hydro washing, mobile contract cleaners, high pressure cleaning to name a few. Our industry cleans dirt and other matter off of surfaces using water put under pressure. High pressure or low pressure there are cleaning methods we use depending on what we are cleaning.

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