Friday, January 11, 2013

Free for all Friday

I'll never say that soft wash is better than pressure washing or the vice-versa; all cleaning methods and techniques have their place in our industry or at least I feel they do. Starch advocates on both sides are non-flexible on their position, not yielding to each other. As a "cosmetic cleaning professional" I can make use of both these methods and tools, then use them to clean projects here in the South-west and greater Springfield MO area. Deciding what is better for each situation and work to achieve the end results expected. Call Cleaned by Pete at 417-459-7869 for a free estimate.

External house or business cleaning, sooner or later it will needed. Reasons may range for getting ready to sell your home or that the "housing authority" is sending you a letter about your oil and rust stained drive-way. Your insurance company is threatening to cut off coverage for health reasons mold, algae and mildew are growing on the surface of the home; or maybe the house just needs freshening up. As whacked out as some or these reasons are there now being enforced in some community. Businesses need to make that first impression on customers, if he or she comes in with a blob of gum on their designer leather shoe, finds spider webs are hanging over the door entrance, or finds windows streaked and dirty these first impressions stay with that customers and you get one chance to make a first impression.

Concrete cleaning Springfield MO
The benefits outweigh the reasons for not cleaning; paint lasts longer, houses looks better and neighbors become jealousy of the clean house on the block. Mold, mosses and algae are removed making homes healthier. Selling or preparing to sell a home? It is a fact that the curb appeal is the biggest selling factor and a external cleaning of the house, walks, and drive way can add 3% or higher to the asking price not bad for just a cleaning investment. Business look more inviting, customers will like coming to a freshly cleaned and maintained store more. Listen to friends and neighbors bring up the subject of, "boy, that store is a dirty place" or, "man, that gum outside the grocery store is bad".  See what others are talking about, because dirty side-walks can be a thing of the past with services from Cleaned by Pete.

Drive-thru and side walk cleaning South-west MO area. This looks more inviting and customers feel the business takes pride in their appearance.
Once that time comes what to do? Well, "my wife's brother inlaw's uncle"
 has a pressure washing machine he bought for some reason. The week end cleaning crowd believe they can get it done. That is a lot of work for one small residential power washer and might not achieve the most favourable results. Hiring the guy down the road that does lawn care and works on cars- because he does pressure washin' when he is slow, again this may not achieve the results that are expected. The best thing to do is to hire a "professional cosmetic cleaner" to do the work. He or she knows that dirt, grime and other pollutants hide in and on your siding, eves, gutters, nooks, window frames, foundations and other areas of your home or business and how to address the cleaning needs. Cleaned by Pete knows how to take a house or business from dull to appealing, Why? Because this is what we do, we power wash. It is a professional service industry and we're professionals and proud of the work we do.

Brick home before and after cleaning Springfield MO
For many years "high pressure power washing" was the best option for external cosmetic cleaning but new methods and cleaning techniques are entering our industry. Newer less aggressive methods of washing are becoming popular such as down-streaming or soft washing. We at Cleaned by Pete are familiar with and use all these methods. Newer soaps and cleaners that are environmental friendly have been developed for the professional contractor cleaner. They are applied with specialized equipment and the active ingredients start to clean the surface. We use the best cleaners (but are safe for the environment) we can find. Remember pressure has a place; a cleaning contractor would be ineffective with out it and a soft wash system can not do every job either. Washing a painted house soft, concrete best done with high pressure washer, each has a place where it will best serve a total cleaning.
 New Techniques or methods of house cleaned come along some stay and some will never be seen again. Then sometimes the use of one or more of the methods are need on a house to get it as clean as possible. That is why we use different methods and have different machines; each method has a plus side as well as a downside. I am a professional and will let you know that pressure washing will clean an exterior but it may cause damage. I have seen over bleached houses, vinyl siding ripped or cut and even dislodged form the building wooden siding gouged and cut, paint blown off window sill and even shingles blasted off. With soft washing or down-streaming I have seen plants browned, grass killed and house siding discolored or chemically burned. Hiring a professional cosmetic cleaner who knows what they can do and has done will nullify most of these worries.
We are trying to put the day of the "splash and dash artist" behind our cleaning industry. Splash and dash is a method where someone buys a bunch of bleach throws it at your house starts their high pressure washer  and works your siding to near death then you pay them and they dash off never to be seen again but later your house starts to show signs of mishandling. Boy, it sure looked good wet what happened? Professional pressure washers taking pride in their work and do what they can to be good stewards of the earth. We are neighbors, working and making a living in the area. Cleaned by Pete plans on being here and having our business grow, employ others that live here and grow the local economy. We do the best we can on each and every job and reinvest in our businesses, tools and equipment planing and growing for the future.

Native stone cleaning Springfield MO

Business cleaning in Springfield MO

House cleaning Ozark, Nixa MO area.

 Graffiti removal and fence cleaning Springfield MO.

We are Cleaned by Pete and we are small enough to serve you personally and large enough to have the tools and equipment to get any cleaning job done right. If you have a question about any service or how we would clean your home or business call us 417-459-7869 and we will discuss it. With free prompt estimates, (oh we are insured), book now and let us help with planning your cleaning project this spring.


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