Wednesday, March 27, 2013

House Washing Wednesday: DIY home owned pressure washer

House Washing Wednesday; DIY the home owned pressure washer 

Since we are in the business we're asked by friends and family and even the occasional customer, "I have a pressure washer why can't I wash my own house?". My answer is always the same you can wash your own house....... but why? I can do it quicker, better, and save you time and money. How are we going to do that? When I can doing it for nothing and already have a pressure washer.

I remember as a kid or a teenager a man once told me he never washed his own car or cut his own grass. Now when I grew up everyone did these thing them selves I could not understand what he had just told me. Well the dumb look on my must have told him something because he went on to explain. You see he continued I'm a business man I get paid for results without results I am not worth anything. I can pay you or some one else 5 to 10 dollars to wash my car or a bit more to cut my lawn, that would mean I am only worth that same price and I make more than that. I'm still not quite following at this point I hope you got it already. Then I asked but if you aren't doing any thing won't doing it yourself save you money? He then said something profound which has stuck with me to this day. Ok son let me put it this way I average $23.00 dollars and hour (this was back in the '60s) and even if I am doing nothing I am still worth $23.00 dollars and hour. The guy who washes my car is worth $4.00 and hour and the one that cuts the grass is worth $5.00 and hour if I do it myself I loose money and it is not as good of job now do you see. Well to tell you the truth then I didn't see, it took a bit more life to see what this gentleman was explaining to me.

So to these folks I alway say your time is your money I can save you some of it but if you want go a head and do it yourself (DIY) go for it. As for that little electric washer or that little box store gas power washer you have it will not do the job I can do with my equipment, but I'm not tell you not to.

To the average DYI home owner the pressure washer is a little magic box with a magic wand attached to it. You can simply wave it around and poof the house is clean, the car is clean, the deck is clean. It only sets in about an hour into the job, that it is not coming clean! Well maybe some soap and scrub it in so out comes the ladder and into the washroom for momma's dish soap, the laundry soap, the finger nail brush, the toilet brush might work lets take it too, and out to the garage for the push broom for those hard to reach areas. Now since you're using all this it adds to the cost of the free DIY house wash. Beside that momma's mad and has to buy a new toilet and finger nail brush, not to mention the big cooking pot you borrowed form her kitchen to put you DIY soap mixture  in, let's not talk about that at all bad subject. Leaning out off the ladder or trying to reach areas with the broom to scrub is still not getting it clean. We'll need to climb to the top of the ladder now, so we can reach it with the pressure washer little wand. Beside putting your self at risk of falling off the ladder or while on the ladder loosing control of the wand of the pressure washer could cause you to fall. You could inflict great harm on your self on anyone who passes by with the stream of water since it is on high to reach those hard to get spots. Off to the store to buy a pump up sprayer you'll use it for other thing it might help get soap up there. Meanwhile the soap is drying on the house cause you were using the narrow stream to try to clean not rinse, lets add the sprayer to the cost, time to go get it, gas to go get it to the cost of the no cost DIY house wash is growing. Back home you get right after he house washing again and daylight is running out, no problem you'll finish it tomorrow.

So your time is not worth anything! What you accomplished was not quite the stellar job you had envisioned but you DIY. Standing back and looking you can say well it looks a little better but did you really save any money you spent money and it took you all weekend but your time is not worth anything, and you made momma mad she is still not real happy. This week do you know what momma will do? Momma will call us and we will come out and try to fix what was done to the house it may take a little longer than it would have before but we'll get it done the right way.

Time is not free, pressure washers are wonderful tools not magic boxes they're tools and if you don't have the right one is does not work for that job. Its like using a tack hammer to pound in a t-post you may get it done but at what cost or using pliers to tighten up a bolt you may ruin it and tear it up or it never gets tight at all. Having the right pressure washer is only one part you must know how to and what to use to do the job safely. Let us help you, save some time and money by calling us at 417-459-7869 and let us do what we do best, washing you home, patio or what ever you need cleaned and washed. Cleaned by Pete you one stop for your cleaning and washing needs.

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