Wednesday, March 6, 2013

House Washing Wednesday Southwest Missouri

Wednesday time for "house washing Wednesday" the weather finally right for a house washing. The weather in the Ozarks is unpredictable at best it is said only tourist and fools predict the weather the weather here. Here are a few shots of the home Cleaned by Pete washed in Republic MO.

 Cleaned by Pete finished with the house cleaning and is packed up ready to leave. This is one or our service pick-up we use for house washing.
Before and after the dark areas you see in the first picture is mold and mildew growing on the home it likes shade and grow there, house washing Republic MO Cleaned by Pete.

Before and after gutter cleaning Cleaned by Pete Republic MO.

Owners wanted to stain their deck by themselves so we washed it for them.

This home had all the vinyl siding problems we find here in Southwest MO. The first picture shows the gray algae we call shotgun algae that grows here. The second show the cleaning soap on the siding the dark areas are mold and mildew growing on the home. The finial picture is the finished look of the after Cleaned by Pete removed the contaminants on this home.
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