Tuesday, March 19, 2013

House Washing Wednesday: residential BBQ cleaning

BBQ and Out-side Kitchen Area Steam Cleaning
 Cleaned by Pete's residential cleaning service

Stripping down the BBQ for cleaning this one is about 3 years old and this is its first cleaning. Cleaned by Pete
Baked on and chard on Cleaned by Pete will remove the burners and clean under and remove all the grease, grime, and get the BBQ looking close to new. What you see is not from charcoal. What you see is crumbs, drippings and animal fats that are carbonating at some point they can ignite.  This one is really baked on and will take more than one cleaning

Looks more like a "smoke house" than a grill we will not be able to get 100% on the first cleaning session and will need to put this on a regular cleaning, Cleaned by Pete.

Grills, flame separators and burners will all be cleaned too, Cleaned by Pete.

Dry steam cleaning, starting we are steaming the out-side first to help warm up the cleaner that has been applied, Cleaned by Pete.

Cleaned by Pete, applying our learned cleaning techniques from years of hood, duck and exhaust fan cleaning to cleaning the BBQ and the kitchen area.

Cleaned by Pete uses dry steam to clean these out-side residential kitchen and BBQ areas. Most of these BBQs are "built-in" units and set in finished cabinetry, so water run off is not what you want. Dry steam works the best for us with little to no run off and no water pressure forcing its way into places we don't want it to go.
After the steam clears, we can start to see that we are making great progress, this is the 2nd pass, you can see quite a big difference that Cleaned by Pete has now made.

Three years of cooking and three years of grime are mostly gone now, Cleaned by Pete will be able to remove more with the next service cleaning.

This shows the water stream before heating. This small stream water will be turned into steam as pictured above, and that steam is quickly evaporated after doing the cleaning leaving little water runoff. Cleaned by Pete is saving water and has no runoff environmental friendly dry steam cleaning.

Cleaned by Pete's dry low pressure steam cleaning. Most of these BBQ systems use electrical starters, regulators, heat probes water does not play with electricity, and even careful pressure washing will force water where it should not go and have too much runoff. High steam temperatures cut and melt grease and animal fats aid in cleaning of kitchens. For these reasons dry steam fits this cleaning the best.

Drying time is as fast as the steam can evaporate, Cleaned by Pete, will now buff off the water spots and any residue then do a final wipe down.

Cleaned by Pete also steam cleaned the other items on the patio or kitchen area.

Looking good after the final wipe-down is finished, Cleaned by Pete residential cleaning of outside kitchen and BBQ areas.

Finished up all the steam cleaning of all the stainless items, counter tops, work areas, BBQ, sink, steamed any spills off the floor and cabinetry. Cleaned by Pete, will return tomorrow and power wash the patio, furniture, landing and then clean out and vacuum the ash and burnt wood from the fireplaces, readying it for entertaining and cooking this spring.
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