Monday, March 11, 2013

"Spring Cleaning", how about a house washng?

Tis the season for "spring cleaning" and "honey do" lists:

Save your time, save money, save your back, save yourself some grief, become the envoy of the neighborhood, by picking up the phone and calling:

Cleaned by Pete your local power washing contractor.

Get the results your other half wants to see and best of all you don't have to rent a power washer, or do all the work be safe, no ladders, no accidents. 
Remember Cleaned by Pete is not a window washing company that does some power washing, is not a lawn care company that does power washing in the off season, is not a part-timer learning and experimenting on your home, is not the kid down the street or weekend warrior with a box store pressure washer, is not a building contractor that happens to own a pressure washer, or is not a painter or refinisher that will power wash for extra cash.

What they are are local, insured, trustworthy, professional power washing company, with a good track record, who have the equipment to get your job done right, and the knowledge to know what soaps, cleaner, and equipment to use for each of your cleaning jobs. Safe house washing, "soft washing" of your home, light washing to clean fences and decks with safe cleaners, to power or high-pressure water washing for your concrete and can do anything in between. Call for a free prompt estimate 417-459-7869.   
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