Wednesday, February 13, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

It's time for "House Washing Wednesday" here is a job we finished not to long ago. Pete is trying to take better pictures of the whole process instead of just starting and finishing photos. If you need a house or business washed call Cleaned by Pete at 417-459-7869 for a free prompt estimate visit our web sights Cleaned by Pete mobile contract cleaning or Power Washing Springfield MO. We treat you home or business with respect and carefully clean and wash it treating it just it was our own. No "splash and dash" we clean and wash your home. This is the process we use on this home and it has served us well, word of mouth is the best advertising there is most of our new clients come to us on referrals.

This is a vinyl sided home but the process works on all types of homes with some minor differences: what machine, tools or attachments we use, how dirty and what is growing on your home makes a difference on what we do and use. Call us for an prompt free estimate and an idea of how we would best clean your home or business.

First thing we start to spray on the cleaner, using different tips and methods we get the soap and cleaners onto your home, Cleaned by Pete house washing Springfield MO.
You can start to see the effect of the chemical and cleaners the algae is starting to bloom out. notice the green showing up. Cleaned by Pete house cleaning in Springfield MO
We spray down a section at a time and let the cleaners start to dwell and do their job, Cleaned by Pete in Springfield MO, uses safe environmentally friendly cleaners to wash homes and business.
Cleaners applied by low-pressure starting to work, Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.
Some of the cleaners are oxygenated and start to bubble and work moments after applying. Other cleaners help in breaking the surface tension to release the dirt. Some are used trick what is growing on your home, while others help kill what is growing on your home. The soap and cleaner business is a huge industry and we benefit from their discoveries and products. House washing has become more and more a science today. Cleaned by Pete washing a home in Springfield MO.
You can see years worth of dirt being worked off but now the washing starts, some homes may need to have the cleaners applied a second time to get a better kill rate on the algae and molds as well as the dirt and grime ready to be washed off
Cleaned by Pete starts to wash each run or clap board one at a time trying to work down top to bottom. Some may just rinse at this point we wash you home not just spray and rinse. Washing form top to bottom you can see the results on the siding to the foundation.
Cleaned by Pete based in Springfield Mo house washing. This photo show what a difference we can make in the appearance of your home, not to speak of the health value.
Cleaned by Pete want wants you to know your home can look like this.
Cleaned and washed now you can entertain on that front stoop. To make the neighbors jealous of the new looking house on the block, give Cleaned by Pete a call 417-459-7869.
A clean home or business is more inviting and says welcome if you would like to see your home looking more like this Cleaned by Pete can help visit our facebook page and web sites.
This was the side of the home that had the algae on it we trick it into blooming and it is then killed with the help from bleach. Yes we have to use bleach, the same bleach you use in cleaning and disinfecting, in your kitchen, killing bacteria, in your washer to get your clothing clean. We use bleach that is up to 6% it is safe and used in the proper amount helps aid in the killing of the algae. We do not use any thing harsher than what you can buy at the store on your home it takes a bit more work But that is what you are paying us for and it won't harm your home's siding. Bleach is only one part of the killing and cleaning process. 

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