Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tagging Graffiti Removal Springfield MO

Doing a small part of a "tag" showed the owners what  Cleaned by Pete could do for them, removing graffiti and tagging in Springfield MO.
We don't just wash houses, it is our main field but the we also do other jobs too. We were called out to do some tagging removal today. Here are a few pictures of what we did. Thank you for visiting our blogs and hope they help you. Remember Call Cleaned by Pete for any questions you may have concerning power / pressure washing in the greater Springfield MO area.

Before and a photo of Cleaned by Pete working on the tag, graffiti removal in Springfield MO.
Graffiti, tagging removal from brick office front Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO.

Same tagger but retagging a sign this tag has 3 tags and 4 different colors and types of paint, Cleaned by Pete Springfield MO graffiti tagging removal.

4 different tags on this side; tagging with your tag over someone’s tag is the main idea of this game. Before and after Graffiti removal Cleaned by Pete in Springfield MO. Hopefully with removing the tag other taggers won't be looking to tag-over so it remains clean. There is still some slight shadowing, we can not get it all every time.

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