Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's in a title? or best fit for what we're doing.

Well what are we? I find it hard to keep up with what we are this year, apposed to last year or the year before. Most of us do the same thing to some extent or the other, we wash or clean objects with some form of water pressure. Now weather it is low pressure or high-pressure, it is still pressure of some sort. These days we all try to find a nitch or some-thing that will set us a part in the industry. This is where the question of what we're called comes in; pressure washer, power washer, mobile contract cleaner, soft washing, high pressure washing, wood restoration, house washing, water pressure washing, cosmetic cleaner, mobile washing contractor, along with other titles that have been bandied about over the years. They come up with new categories for us to advertise in each year and they keep changing too. This all make a difference where we will place and what key words to use now or in the future.

We all want to be found on the internet. I'm not the best with understanding the search engines or I might be working in that field instead of washing. With the big push for fresh content and wording to gain a higher foot hold we have to come up with new names for what we do. Here at Cleaned by Pete do well locally ranked and that is really all we need to keep going and growing we are small and do not travel great distances for jobs. We do however fall into several fields of the industry. So when someone is looking for a local washing contractor we need to be noticed or ranked high in as many categories as possible. We're behind when looking under "pressure washing". I really never felt that this name was the best for what our company does and never used it much in titles and names, this is why we lag behind in the look-ups and why we're displayed lower on the page. Most people won't go past the first page and some never reach below half way before calling. To help get noticed I made a new video and posted it on YouTube. Titling it with the name that fits the area we need to get ranked higher in. With more views we will become a bit stronger on the search engines. I am posting it here and at our other blog for viewing, let us know what you think and thanks in advance for the views and your support of these blogs. 

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