Wednesday, February 20, 2013

House Washing Wednesday

House Washing Wednesday

Cleaned by Pete: house washing for the Southwest and greater Springfield MO area.

We post pictures of home we wash in the greater Springfield MO area each Wednesday. Today's home is:

Insert picture of your home here!

With a simple call to 417-459-7869 for a free prompt estimate

Cleaned by Pete can take your home from dull to dazzling with a house wash.

Using the latest safe methods for cleaning and environmentally safe cleaners. 

"Many Thanks for a job very welldone! The day after Pete cleaned my house he drove past on an errand, saw something that didn't meet his standards, I didn't notice it, but returned and did that part over again! Pride in your work is something one doesn't see very often. Alive and well at Pete's. Thanks again!"
 "Yes! I called you ... I should have told you how awesome of a job you did - you did!"
  "totally awesome!" 
visit us at out other blog, (Cleaned by Pete: what a power washer does) or either of our web sites (Power Washing Springfield MO or Cleaned by Pete) or additional information or services we offer.

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