Friday, February 1, 2013

"R" "U" ready "4" some Football????

Running behind blogging today. Cleaned by Pete was out cleaning the better part of the day. This morning temperatures were in the single digits so pressure washing was out of the question. Waited till noon and temperatures were up to 25 degrees and raising. We had one of the regular customers needing the out side BBQ and entertain area cleaned for the big Super Bowl football game on Sunday. So for the most part it was cleaned the old fashion way with a brush and bucket then hand washed the grill area and the regular clean-up we do for them. It may have taken longer but they were well pleased. We vacuumed all the water up and made sure everything was dry, it never made it above freezing so we did not want any ice to form. In any case we finished the job took a bit longer but there was a will and a way. We'll do what we say somehow. Cleaned by Pete wants to be your professional contract cleaner in the South-west and greater Springfield MO area.
Yes this type of football
No No No not this type of football
Have a good football week end form your friends at Cleaned by Pete

Thank you for your support. Now let's get ready for some football and enjoy yourself Sunday, even if you only want to watch the commercials.

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