Thursday, February 14, 2013

Signs I Like

I like writing just about washing houses or power washing but it does not pull in a bunch of new viewers. So from time to time I just may go off topic, today is one of these days. Here are some signs that I like hope they you a smile or even a chuckle. Have a good day and Happy Valentines Day, FYI Valentines Day is participated by mostly by younger children, married couples and adults in committed relationship. Non committed adults and singles do not participate in this event. It took our government no telling how many man hours and at what cost to come up with this amazing fact. They could pay me $10.00 and a dinner and I could have told them: "non committed adults and singles do not participate because they have no one in their lives to sent or give a Valentine Day card or gift too, Duh!!!".

Cleaned by Pete

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